13 Ekim 2011 Perşembe

Task 3: What is a concordance?

1. ommited words like ; and the etc.

2.that the advent of technology enhanced learning materialsrequires a re -thinking of the methodological
to do so they are equipped with materialswhich are interesting for them and which
as strongly teacher -directed. Teachers put the materialstogether, they prepare the activities, they organise
as much use as possible of genuine materialsin the language classroom and enable learners
do as many authentic things with such materialsas feasible. Genuine materials are, as Widdowson
things with such materials as feasible. Genuine materialsare, as Widdowson pointed out in in
as concordancers, are very important. With such materials,teachers can prepare tailor -made exercises for
1989) puts it, and adaptation of authentic materialsfor classroom use should soon become daily
addition, a vast amount of learner relevant materialsis now becoming available in digital format,
the effectiveness and value of technology enhanced materialsfor language learning. The question remains, however,
-driven learning has shown that technology enhanced materialsdo have a lot of potential to

3.there are used in sentences together.

4. learning and enhance 

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